Rules of Wearing Tulsi Kanthi Mala | Rules of Wearing Neck Basil Garland

Rules of Wearing Tulsi Kanthi Mala | Rules of Wearing Neck Basil Garland
Original Tulsi Mala Store
Original Tulsi Mala Store

Tulsi has extraordinary importance in Hinduism. Women love to worship Tulsi to bring satisfaction and success to the family. Essentially, wearing iskcon tulsi mala is additionally viewed as great.Enthusiasts of Lord Vishnu and  rishna wear Tulsi Mala.

It is said that wearing an iskcon tulsi mala purifies the mind and soul. It is additionally said that it has numerous therapeutic properties. Here, I am presenting some Tulsi mala dharan kaney ke niyam and its importance.

Wearing a original tulsi mala additionally gives independence from numerous sicknesses. It can likewise be recited. Lovers of Lord Krishna say that by reciting with a Tulsi mala, you draw nearer to Shri Hari. You can buy any preferable tulsi mala online wherever you like.

If you’re thinking about wearing tulasi neck mala, must know some rules about it

1. It is said that wearing a unique Tulsi mala makes the planets Mercury and Jupiter solid. It is said that wearing a Tulsi mala brings a wide range of satisfaction and doesn't bring on any stink eye.
2. According to astrology, it is said that prior to wearing a Tulasi neck mala, it ought to be shown Ganga water and incense.
3. Prior to wearing Tulsi mala, one ought to go to the sanctuary and love Srihari.
4. The individuals who wear Tulsi mala ought not eat onion and garlic not eat non-veg food.

How to Wear Tulsi Kanthi Mala | Mantra’s that should be done while wearing Tulasi neck mala

Before wearing the Tulsi mala, one should introduce it before Lord Vishnu. After that, the mala must be filtered with Pancah Gavya, and afterward, the 'mula-mantra' must be presented. This is trailed by the recitation of the Gayatri Mantra multiple times. Then, at that point, one needs to present the Sadyojata mantra.

At the point when every one of these has been finished, one needs to recite the mantra for expressing gratitude toward Goddess Tulsi and mentioning her to carry one nearer to Lord Vishnu.


However, there are changed perspectives in regards to when the mala can be worn and when it should be eliminated advertisement ought not to be around the neck. However many accept that rules concerning this are referenced in the Padma Purana as indicated by which, this mala must be worn consistently.

So, before buying tulsi mala online, make sure you will follow these rules by heart.

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