How to wear tulsi mala and which mantra should be spoken

How to wear tulsi mala and which mantra should be spoken
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Original Tulsi Mala Store

The special importance of Tulsi worship has been told in Hinduism. Tulsi is the beloved of Lord Vishnu, hence she is called Harivallabha. According to religious beliefs, poverty and misfortune never reside in the house where water is given in Tulsi every day and Tulsi is worshipped.

The blessings of Mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu always remain in that house. Due to which happiness and prosperity reside in your home. Even in Vastu Shastra, the Tulsi plant has been described as very special. According to Vastu, all the negative energy in the place where the Tulsi plant is planted ends, and positivity comes into your house.

Positive energy brings prosperity to everyone in the family and prosperity in the house. Mantra chanting has special significance at the time of worship in Sanatan Dharma. Mantra has also been told for Tulsi worship. It is believed that if you chant this mantra while worshiping Tulsi, then all your wishes are fulfilled. Know mantra and chanting worship method.

This mantra should be chanted while worshipping Tulsi.

Mantra- Mahaprasad Janani, Sarva Saubhagyavardhini, Aadhi Vyadhi Hara Nityam Tulsi Tvam Namostute.

It is believed that if this mantra is chanted during Tulsi Puja, then within a few days positive results are obtained and all your troubles are removed and Mother Lakshmi resides in your house. Sorrow and poverty are removed from your home. Know the method of use of the Tulsi Mantra

First of all, wake up in the morning and worship your Ishta Dev after taking bath.

  • After this, bow to Tulsi Ji, and offer pure water to him.
  • After this, light a lamp of pure ghee in front of Tulsi and burn incense.
  • While lighting a lamp in Tulsi, make a small lump of rice and place a lamp on it.
  • After this, offer vermilion and turmeric to Tulsi Ji in her makeup.
  • Wishing happiness and prosperity from Mata Tulsi, do seven rounds.
  • After that, sitting on the seat in front of Tulsi, chant at least one rosary of this mantra with a Tulsi Mala.
  • After the chanting of the mantra is completed, touch Tulsi Ji and say your wish.
Original Tulsi Mala Store
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