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Iskcon Original Tulsi Mala
Original Tulsi Mala Store
Original Tulsi Mala Store

As Hindus revere and worship the holy Tulsi mala, the divine origins of Tulsi plants can be traced to the pages of ancient Hindu mythology. It is believed that the original Tulsi plant was born from Maa Lakshmi, who was incarnated as Radha Rani on Earth. In addition, in the Hindu holy book, Geeta, Tulsi was referred to as Vrinda, the faithful wife of demon Jalandhar. After Jalandhar was killed by the powerful Lord Vishnu, Vrinda emerged as Tulsi mala, the symbol of strength, protection, and purity. Every morning, Hindus perform their sacred worship to the holy Tulsi plants as they believe it to be a way to keep away all evil forces and negativity from their lives.

 Lord Vishnu, who had been stuck inside a Shaligram, was finally released after Vrinda agreed to Lakshmi's request. As he was about to leave, Vrinda looked at him and said, "Go with the assurance that I will remain on this earth as Sati and stay with you, no matter what." As she spoke these words, a glimmer of light shone from her, filling the entire area with its brilliance. From then on, Goddess Vrinda was worshipped in the form of Sati and it is said that Lord Vishnu and she would stay together, united in love.

 When it comes to Tulsi japa Mala, the instructions are simple yet deeply significant. You should wear it after purifying yourself in the morning, before the day's puja and worship of God. Wear it at a height that's below your heart. Hold the original tulsi mala with your right hand, facing upward, and chant Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaye as you string it through your fingers. This is said to open your inner channels and foster feelings of devotion.

 You can wear the Tulsi Mala, Tulsi Pendant Mala, Tulsi Bracelets, and TULSI Earrings

while going out on business while attending important functions while participating in any kind of meditation, and simply traveling. The beads of Tulsi will bring the grace of the Lord with you everywhere, making the most mundane of moments deeply divine.

 It's also important to not forget to pay respect to the divine 108 beads of original tulsi mala by treating it with utmost reverence and by cleaning it once a week with cow's milk. By offering a small ritual of loving gratitude, your relationship with the divine mala will deepen and so will your relationship with the Lord.

 What are the main rules for wearing Tulsi Mala Iskcon?

 Wearing an ISKCON tulsi mala can be an empowering and meaningful practice for devotees of any level. The number of strands, one, two, or three, can be seen as representing one's surrender to the Lord. For those that are not initiated devotees, three strands may represent the level of dedication and commitment they have to serve the divine, even without being formally initiated. This can help foster a deep spiritual connection and inspire an even greater dedication to the Lord.

 Here are the rules for wearing Tulsi Mala

 Before wearing the Tulsi mala one must current it before Lord Vishnu. After the Pancha Gaya had purified the mala, the sacred mantras were uttered in the air. With each chant of the mula-mantra, a bright light illuminated the space and it was felt that positive energies were being infused into the beads. A feeling of joy and tranquillity spread across the atmosphere and those present felt deeply connected to the spiritual realm.

 The second step is that you have to recite Gayatri Mantra only eight times. When you completed your Gayatri Mantra, after that you have to recite the Sadyojata Mantra. 

 Wearing a Tulsi mala can have many positive effects on a person's life. The process of putting on the mala has a certain ritualistic importance and is done with respect and faith. First, the mala should be completely washed with Gangajal, dried thoroughly, and then worn. After this, the person is expected to abstain from consuming alcohol, non-veg food, garlic, and onions and to eat only Satvik food. By adhering to these simple rules, many positive changes can be seen in the wearer's life, such as better luck and success, and the removal of negative vibes, and evil eyes. Additionally, reciting the mala can help bring peace and serenity to a house. Tulsi mala is truly a blessing from Lord Vishnu and its wearer will find all sorts of joys and satisfaction in life.

 Doing jaap with Tulsi mala is the best way to get your wishes fulfilled. We at understand that and that's why we provide Tulsi mala of the highest quality so that people can connect to the divine and perform jaap properly. We especially focus on business partners and devotees who are attached to ISKCON. We have a variety of Tulsi beads and Tulsi mala of all colors but silver mala is particularly famous for its shine. It has great attraction among the people and provides the perfect atmosphere for Jaap. So if you want to get an original and shiny Tulsi mala, don't hesitate to order it from us and fulfill your wishes.

Original Tulsi Mala Store
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