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We know that transportation and logistics issues are the main challenges to ensure a smooth and delightful delivery. Taking a cue from our vast past experiences, faulty delivery can ruin the experiences of even the best product and services. As such we have set up our logistics and delivery center all across the world. Our delivery centers are located near the major ports and transportation centers to reduce the dispatching and delivery time. Based on demographic and other customer analytics, we have developed both hub & scope and non-hub & spoke model for distribution and delivery.

Our Logistics and Transportation

We have our logistics and transportation centers in Mathura, Vrindavan, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh. We also have collaboration with some of the best logistics service providers in the country to enable delivery to remote pin code. We ensure that our customers are never left behind when it comes to experiencing the beauty and grace of our product. Out efficient distribution and delivery system ensures that product reaches to end customer within a period of 3 days. Besides, normal delivery, we also have designed and developed an efficient system for return of order within minimum time.

Outside India

For our customer, outside India, we have been aggressively ramping up our logistics and delivery centers. We have a dedicated center in all the major capitals and cities of the world to ensure and fast and reliable delivery; so, customers need not worry about delay in shipment while placing the order on our website. We also have the capabilities to execute bulk orders outside Indian in any county of the world. Besides, setting up our own centers, we also have collaborated with major international logistic players like Fed Ex, DHL, UPS, etc. the collaboration has allowed us to reach even our customers in the remotest part of the world.