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How to use Tulsi Japa Mala - Know the Rules

108 Beads Tulsi Japa Mala Chanting Rules

If you are chanting with the beads of the original Tulsi Mala, then only you will benefit, always keep the Tulsi garland in a clean place. The rosary is counted in each of the Japa bags and Tulsi Japa Mala is 108 beads, Tulsi Japa Mala 54 beads, Tulsi Japa Mala 27 beads.
Before wearing the Tulsi Kanthi Mala, touch the Guru's Mala on your bowed forehead, ideally at your third eye center.
Do not let anyone touch or use your rosary.

Avoid showing your Iskcon Tulsi Mala to other people and especially keep the Guru Bead hidden from sight. Remove your rosary while defecating, sleeping or having sex.

You should keep your Tulsi Mala beads clean and well maintained. If the Tulsi beads are torn, cracked or broken then you should repair or replace the garland. Always wear a chanting rosary of only good Tulsi.
Chanting of Tulsi Mala The most favorable time for meditation is Brahmamuhurta, which is the time of Brahma, one and a half hours before sunrise. This is when the sattva guna (purity or stability) is most prominent. The second best time is at sunset, and the third best time is noon.

Take a bath or wash your hands, feet and face and brush your teeth before sitting to chant the Tulsi Mala. Wear clean clothes.

How to Meditate with Tulsi Japa Mala

While practicing the chanting of Tulsi Mala, face in the east or north direction. East and North are considered the "abode of the gods" and are the most beneficial and powerful direction when praying or meditating.

Prepare a clean and special posture for your Tulsi Japa Mala Japa meditation. Ideally, sit on a rug and use meditation cushions.
Sit in the same place and at the same time every day to practice chanting the 108 Beads Japa Mala. Meditate in a quiet and quiet room, or sit in a temple, meditation center, or by a river.

Can also be chanted with 27 beads Tulsi Japa Mala, 108 beads Tulsi Japa Mala, 54 beads Observe silence during chanting and remove all external distractions.
Maintain a steady meditative posture like Padmasana, Siddhasana or Sukhasana. While chanting Tulsi Mala make sure that the posture is comfortable and stable so that it does not distract.

Do not keep the necklace of the rosary below the navel while practicing the chanting of 108 beads Tulsi Japa Mala. During chanting, keep your rosary at the heart center or in front of your third eye.
Use the middle finger and the thumb of the right hand to touch and move the beads from the mantra. The use of the index finger is prohibited as it represents the ego mind.

Resolve to complete a certain minimum number of malas before you end your practice. Keep an eye on your chanting and try to increase the quantity gradually over time.

Tulsi Japa Mala mantra a secret

Keep your Tulsi Japa Mala mantra a secret. Repeat your mantra 108 to 1,080 times daily (one to ten rounds of the whole rosary).
It is best to get your mantra from your guru or teacher. If this is not possible, choose a mantra carefully based on your goals and intentions.

Chant your Tulsi Japa Mala mantra clearly and clearly and without any mistakes - even if you are chanting silently. If you make a mistake, repeat the mantra.
Do not practice chanting hastily or carelessly. Do it slowly and mindfully, chanting Tulsi Mala with emotion, meditation and one-minded devotion.
Focus your attention while chanting Tulsi Japa Mala. Repeating a mantra too slowly will lead to boredom and repeating it too fast will distract your attention.

When the mind wanders, adjust the pace to focus. You may find it helpful to combine the repetition of the Tulsi mala chanting with the rhythm of your breathing.

Experiment with your own chanting technique to maintain interest in tulsi rosary chanting, ward off fatigue and counteract monotony. You can try alternating between repeating the mantra aloud and repeating it mentally. You may stand up or change your sitting position when you are sleepy or sleepy.

Tulsi mala chanting should be practiced with partially closed eyes and with soft eyes. It helps to unite and merge the prana of the body and form an electrical loop from top to bottom of the body. Keep your gaze between the eyebrows or the tip of your nose.

While chanting the mantra, consider its meaning. Feel the power of the mantra to purify the mind, destroy desires, remove cravings and stabilize the mind. Six Shadripus (Kama/Kama, Anger, Greed, Moha, Pride/Ego and Envy) can be destroyed by the practice of chanting.

If you sneeze, yawn, cough or release gas during the chanting of the Tulsi Japa Mala, it is considered impurity, and you should start a new round of chanting.
After completing your chanting practice, sit still for a few moments and feel the effects of meditation. End your practice time with a moment of devotion before moving on with your day and routine tasks.

After reading the list of chanting rules of the traditional Tulsi Japa Mala, note which rules you want to focus on and fulfill them. Not all of these rules will be applicable or practical to your individual situation and lifestyle, so it is more important to practice mantra meditation regularly than to try to follow every single rule.

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