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Privacy Policy

Users/ Customer Privacy is our topmost concern.

  • We collect user information for conducting business and also assist in providing the best services but we do not sell or rent this information to third parties.

Information of Customers that will be used and with whom:

  • The information will be mainly shared with the partners, associates, and subsidiaries that involve directly or indirectly in your buying process by delivering services. Information can also be shared in case of mergers and acquisitions or collaborations with other business entities.
  • Some of the customer information is used by us for understanding the behavior of customers, through this, we study the pattern of buying of different customers and thus helps in giving you a more relevant experience.
  • This information is basically used for New offers, and new launches, and to give information about products purchased, shipping status, and as well as for giving informational content.
  • Cookies are mainly used for identifying the things that are in the interest of the customers in turn help to identify the favorites and in preparing the wish list for Customers so as to give a personalized experience.
  • Log Session and traffic flow information are used by us in order to understand how customers interact with our site and what necessary improvements and implementations are required. This also helps in understanding different buying patterns, and the preferences of the customers in the buying process.
  • IP Address, Traffic sources are used across the site and browser in order to measure the overall performance of the site, so as to understand the number of users who visited the site,  which page is visited more, how much time has been spent on one page or on the website, etc.

Customer information will also be used for legal disputes and for other legal processes that may comply with any statutory requirements, fraud and criminal activities or illegal actions, troubleshooting

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