There are Many Benefits of Wearing Tulsi Garland, There Is Also A Connection With Mental Health

There are Many Benefits of Wearing Tulsi Garland, There Is Also A Connection With Mental Health

Tulsi has great importance in Hinduism. From offering water to Tulsi daily, placing a lamp under the Tulsi plant in the evening, eating Tulsi and wearing its garland, many things related to it are an important part of Indian tradition. Tulsi also has many benefits from a scientific point of view. Today let's talk about one such benefit related to Tulsi which is related to the mental health of the person. 

This connection is about wearing Tulsi Mala and having better mental health. Usually devotees of Lord Vishnu and Krishna are seen wearing garlands of Tulsi seeds.

There are 2 types of Tulsi

There are broadly 2 types of Tulsi – Shyama Tulsi and Rama Tulsi. Wearing a garland of Shyama Tulsi seeds gives mental peace and brings positivity in the mind. This leads to spiritual as well as family and material progress. It increases devotion and devotion towards God. On the other hand, wearing Rama Tulsi garland increases self-confidence and awakens sattvik feelings. This helps him to perform his duties.

Benefits of wearing tulsi garland

By wearing this garland the body becomes pure, vitality increases. The person gets relief in many diseases related to digestion power, fever, cold, headache, skin infection, brain diseases and gas. It also protects against diseases caused by infection.

Tulsi is a wonderful medicine, it improves blood pressure and digestion. Wearing Tulsi increases the flow of electricity in the body. Wearing a Tulsi garland around the neck emits electrical waves which do not allow hindrance in blood circulation. Apart from this, basil is very beneficial in malaria and many types of fevers.

Wearing Tulsi garland gives mental peace. Wearing it around the neck puts pressure on the essential acupressure points, which is beneficial in mental stress. It also helps in increasing the memory. It is also beneficial in antibiotic, pain-relieving and boosting immunity.

Wearing a Tulsi garland in jaundice is considered good for health. It is said that if Tulsi wood is worn in a white cotton thread, then jaundice disease ends quickly.

Note: The information in this article is based on general information and assumptions. does not confirm these.

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