Know Why Krishna Devotees Wear Tulsi Mala (ISKCON Basil Rosary)

Know Why Krishna Devotees Wear Tulsi Mala (ISKCON Basil Rosary)
Original Tulsi Mala Store
Original Tulsi Mala Store

About ISKCON Tulsi Mala

It is believed in the scriptures that it is auspicious to keep a basil plant in the house and at the same time keeping it keeps the purity of the house. It is said that daily water and lamp donation in Tulsi brings happiness and prosperity in the family.

With this it has been said that every person should wear a garland of Tulsi around his neck. It is said that wearing a garland of Tulsi makes the mind and soul pure. You must have seen devotees of Lord Vishnu and Krishna wearing a garland of Tulsi. If it is looked at scientifically, then it also has the properties of many medicines. Therefore, the garland of Tulsi should be Dharana.

Let us know further about its benefits.

It is said that keeping the Tulsi plant in the house gives relief from many diseases. Hence it has been named Ayurvedic medicine. It has a special kind of electrical power, which attracts the wearer.

It is said in the scriptures that if a meal is made by wearing a garland of Tulsi, then that person gets the merit of performing many Yagyas, that is why the elders wear it in their neck.

It is believed that wearing it increases fame, fame, and prosperity. Due to its medicinal properties, the wearer does not have headaches, colds, fever, skin diseases.

Before wearing it

one thing must be kept in mind that one should not consume garlic-onion. Whoever wears the garland of Tulsi should also stay away from meat and liquor, otherwise, it makes a person feel guilty.

Not only this, it has been told in our scriptures that the person wearing it does not suffer premature death or any harmful disease.

It is also said in the scriptures that those who are devotees of Krishna are initiated by their guru, they can wear a tulsi garland of three circles and those who are not initiated can wear a garland of two circles.

This Tulsi Mala has special significance among the devotees of Lord Krishna, anyone can wear it. Tulsi Mala plays a major role in cleansing the mind, body, and soul of all impure karma and thoughts.
This Tulsi Mala is made by hand on the sacred pearl in the word Radha.

Benefits of wearing Tulsi Mala:

  • Destroys the biggest sins (Mahashakti Prasatra)
  • Shri Hari is always with you (Deha Saada Harih)
  • Punya Karmas, Pitar or Devta Pooja (Pitranam Devta Kritam Koti Gunam) Benefits from millions of times.

Benefits of wearing Tulsi Mala:

  • Yamaraja lives far away (Preet Raja Dutaka Drastava Nashyanti Dorena).
  • Provides complete protection from nightmares, accidents, weapon attacks, and Yamadut (duhsvapnam durnimittam bhyam sastram).
  • Isckon Tulsi (Tulsi) Mala - 11 in. Length: 11 in. (28 cm) Diameter of Beads: 7 to 9 mm approx.

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