Know The Importance and Vastu of Wearing Tulsi Mala

Know The Importance and Vastu of Wearing Tulsi Mala
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There are different importance and benefits of wearing Tulsi Mala. Tulsi plant is considered divine in Sanatan Hinduism. It is a sacred plant. Due to this, the house remains pure, as well as Tulsi is considered as nectar in terms of health. Tulsi plant also has spiritual significance. This plant is worshiped among Hindus. According to Garg Samhita, Goddess Lakshmi resides in Tulsi. When Lakshmi Mata was born on earth as Radha Rani, her first name was kept as Vrinda i.e. Tulsi. Later, due to the fall of Radha Rani's feet, Tulsi plants grew on the barren land and became her forest.
This place is still in India today and it is known as Vrindavan. Vrindavan was formed when the entire city of Gokul was burnt to ashes due to the wrath of Kansa. After this, Vrindavan was established by Radha Rani at the request of Krishna ji. On the basis of this belief, Tulsi is worshiped in the form of Goddess. Let us tell you that the importance of Tulsi is so much that Lord Vishnu does not accept Bhog without Tulsi.

You must have heard the story of basil leaves. But the wood of the Tulsi plant is also of no less importance. Pearls are made from them and Malas are made from those beads.
Tulsi beads also have great importance in Hinduism and Ayurvedic medicine.

There are two types of basil. Shyama Tulsi and Rama Tulsi. Both have different importance in terms of religion and health.

But if you believe in Vastu, then let us tell you that in Vastu too, a lot of importance has been given to the Mala of Tulsi.Wearing a Tulsi Mala not only increases the faith in God but also increases the positive attitude in your mind. Not only this, but you also get material happiness and you also make a lot of progress in the field of work. So today we tell you some such Vastu tips related to Tulsi Mala (Benefits of wearing Tulsi Mala) which will be very useful in both your professional and personal life.

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Vastu Tips

  • If you are wearing Shyama Tulsi Mala, then you will get mental peace from it. Not only this, if you wear this Mala, then the problems going on in your family get pacified.
  • Wearing Shyama Tulsi Mala also increases your material happiness. Let us tell you that by wearing a Tulsi Mala, your living standard also increases.
  • If you wear Rama Tulsi Mala, then you should wear it only on Monday, Thursday, or Wednesday. You should first purify it with Gangajal (know the rules of touching Ganges water), after that you can wear it.
  • If you wear Tulsi Mala, then you should eat only sattvic food. You should know that Lord Shri Krishna was a cowherd and he used to eat sattvic food. That is why it is believed that the person who wears a Tulsi Mala also has to lead a sattvic life.
  • If you think that you cannot wear a Tulsi Mala around your neck, then you should wear this Mala on the wrist of your right hand. Keep in mind that before performing routine actions, you will take off the Tulsi Mala and before wearing it again, wear it only after sprinkling Gangajal and showing incense.
  • If someone has jaundice in the house, then you should Mala him with Tulsi. It is said that Tulsi Mala has so much power that it quickly eliminates the disease of jaundice from the body. It is said that if Tulsi wood is also tied in a cotton white thread and worn, then the disease of jaundice subsides sharply and the person becomes healthy.
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