Do You Know How Tulsi Mala is Made?

Do You Know How Tulsi Mala is Made?

The work of making Tulsi mala is very difficult; it takes a lot of time to make it. Any good craftsman is able to make only one or two 108 chanting beads. If he works 12 hours a day.

The work is difficult but with their dedication, this work has also proved to be a dwarf. They do not take money for making Tulsi Malas. The Original Malas are dedicated to their Guru and through the Guru, the Tulsi Malas are distributed among the followers.

Mala making process

The Tulsi Malas are made from the wood of the Tulsi plant. Although electronic machines also come for making Tulsi Malas, with which dozens of Original Tulsi Malas can be prepared in a day.  Handmade Tulsi Mala is more effective. However, only one Tulsi Mala can be prepared by hand in three days.

For this, first of all, the wood of the basil plant has to be peeled finely. After this, it has to be cut into 108 small pieces. pierce each piece and then its became Tulsi Japa Mala 108 beads.