How to Identify Original Tulsi Mala?

How to Identify Original Tulsi Mala?
  • Soak Tulsi Mala in water for 30 minutes. If it starts leaving color, then the garland is fake.
  • Tulsi also has many types of medicinal properties scientifically.
  • Tulsi is an excellent chemical, it gives relief from many types of diseases.
  • People wearing Tulsi Mala get relief from blood disorders, fever, cough etc. It is helpful in diagnosing heart disease, cancer, skin diseases, vata, diseases of bile and bones.
  • Wearing Tulsi Mala is beneficial in skin diseases and psychiatry. Wisdom concentrates, increases the sense of spirituality, self-power and positive energy in the mind.

Let us know why it is very important for Vishnu devotees to wear Tulsi Kanthi Mala:

According to the mythology, Shri Hari Vishnu gave this boon to Tulsi that I will only accept the pleasures of your grace. That is why the Narayan God accepts only the enjoyment in which the Tulsi party is offered. In the same way, the Vishnu devotee who has a Tulsi Kanthi garland in his neck, God accepts that person with ease and ease. They take shelter and finally provide a beautiful place in their world. Lord Vishnu renounces food without basil and a man without basil. This is the reason that Tulsi Kanthi Mala is the ultimate best decoration of Vishnu devotees.

Wearing Tulsi in Kantha results in offering Tulsi Dal to God every moment.

The rules of Tulsi are the steps towards Satvikta which leads to true welfare.

नमो: तुलसी कल्याणी नमो: विष्णुप्रिये शुभ्रे।
नमो: मोक्षप्रदे देवी नमो: संपत् प्रदायिनी।।

Tulsi eliminates all types of Vastu defects and is a source of positive energy.

Tulsi is helpful in preventing air pollution, therefore more and more Tulsi should be planted. Narayan always lives in the courtyard where Tulsi is irrigated.

Rules of holding Tulsi Mala:

  • Every person who believes in Lord Vishnu must wear a Tulsi Mala. But the person holding the necklace of Tulsi should follow certain rules:
  • A person wearing a Tulsi rosary should eat a sattvic food i.e. onion, garlic, and non-vegetarian food. Onion, garlic, and non-vegetarian stimulates sexual stimulation, so it is prohibited. Because it hinders devotion.
  • Under no circumstances or condition should the Tulsi Mala be separated from the body.
  • Human beings living in all the four types of ashrams, Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Sannyasi, or Vanaprastha, the people of the four ashrams can wear it easily and easily.
  • Tulsi Mala should not be sacrificed even at the time of birth or death in the family, ie it should not be separated from your body.
  • Note that when a person is on death bed, at the end of time Tulsi Dal and Ganga water are put in his mouth too. Similarly, when the garland of Tulsi is worn in the throat, it is extremely beneficial.