Why Tulsi Mala is Important for Vishnu Devotees

Why Tulsi Mala is Important for Vishnu Devotees

Why Tulsi Mala is Important for Vishnu Devotees

According to the legend, Tulsi has a boon that Lord Vishnu accepts offerings of things that are offered only to Tulsi leaves. In the same way, Lord Vishnu takes that person in his shelter who has worn Tulsi garland. By wearing a garland of Tulsi, a person attains Vaikunth Dham.

 How To Identify

To identify the correct Tulsi garland, keep the garland in water for about half an hour. If they start dropping color, then understand that it is a fake garland.

Rules for wearing tulsi garland

1. Tulsi garland should be washed with Gangajal before wearing and should be worn after drying.

2. People wearing this garland have to chant daily. Due to this, the grace of Lord Vishnu remains.

3. The person wearing Tulsi Mala should eat sattvic food. This means that the consumption of garlic, onion, meat-fish, etc. is prohibited in the food.

4. Under no circumstances should Tulsi garland be separated from the body.

Devotees of Lord Vishnu and Krishna wear Tulsi garlands. It is believed that by wearing this garland, your mind remains calm and the self becomes pure. It is said that wearing this garland gets rid of diseases. Apart from the scriptures, Tulsi garland has also been considered important in astrology. Mercury and Jupiter are strengthened by wearing this garland. Wearing Tulsi garland gets rid of any kind of Vastu defects.

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