Why are Tulsi and Rudraksha not worn together?

Why are Tulsi and Rudraksha not worn together?

Why not wear Tulsi and Rudraksha together?

There are both religious and scientific beliefs about not wearing Tulsi and Rudraksha garlands together. These garlands have different effects on human beings. These energies work opposite to each other. This energy benefits in only one area.

When Tulsi ji is Krishna's beloved and Lord Shiva resides in Rudraksha, then why can't their garlands be worn together around the neck!

If we understand this thing written in our religious texts and heard from the mouth of saints, then it is understood in a little modern language that the energy emanating from Rudraksha is multidimensional and the energy emanating from Tulsi garland can be considered as unidimensional, Meaning, if a person is pure, absolutely real and without the slightest broken - wearing a broken Rudraksha around his neck, then that Rudraksha will benefit him in every field like wealth, education, disease, fake cases, protection from wicked, devotion to God, etc.

And the same uni-dimensional energy emanating from Tulsiji's wood reaches its benefit in only one area, but it benefits manifold in that area like if a recluse saint wears Tulsi ji's garland, then his detachment gradually increases manifold. and his attraction toward the world will diminish.

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