The Top 6 Side-Effects Of Tulsi Mala.!

The Top 6 Side-Effects Of Tulsi Mala.!
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Because of the unlimited medical advantages of Tulsi, it is known as the ‘Golden remedy of Ayurveda'. Alongside its therapeutic benefits, the Tulsi plant is worshipped in India, which is the reason it is available in pretty much every Indian family. Thus, we are certain you never imagined that there can be some Side Effects of Tulsi Mala too. However, these leaves loaded with goodness can have some health implications as well. Peruse on to know the six symptoms of Tulsi mala.

1 Not safe for pregnant ladies

Tulsi can influence the health of a pregnant lady and her embryo. In extreme cases, it can even lead a premature delivery. Tulsi mala may cause uterine contractions that might be harmful.
Tulsi sometimes stimulates the blood flow to the uterus and pelvic region, which can cause contractions. However, there isn't sufficient proof possibly in support of the usage of tulsi during pregnancy. Yet specialists advise them to avoid wearing Tulsi mala and eating Tulsi leaves too.

2 Doesn’t suit diabetic patients

Different investigations guarantee that Tulsi can bring down glucose levels. Be that as it may, assuming somebody is as of now taking meds for diabetes, the intake of Tulsi leaves might upgrade the impact and cause the sugar level to fall extremely low.

3 Can affect male and female reproductive system

However, no human investigations have yet declared this. Research led on creatures by the NCBI shows that Tulsi adversely affects the fertility of the two sexual orientations. That
research shows that Tulsi might bring down sperm count, decline the heaviness of reproductive organs, like, testicles, adrenal organs, prostate, uterus, and ovary.

4 May hinder with blood-diminishing meds

The spice is known to cause the thinning of blood vessels. A decent home remedy for individuals would prefer not to take medication for the same reason. Yet, individuals are now taking medicines for blood thinning. On the off chance that they intake Tulsi, might negatively influence their health. It’ll be safe if this will not be consumed by individuals who are on anti-clotting medications.

5 It might make harm the liver

Tulsi has eugenol, which is additionally found in cloves and amber of Peru. While small quantities of eugenol can prevent poison-initiated harm in its liver, a lot can cause liver harm, diarrhea, convulsions, fast heartbeat, and nausea.

6 May stain your teeth

You have probably been advised not to bite Tulsi leaves and rather swallow them as biting them is supposed to be disrespectful. However, there is a logical explanation for the same action. Tulsi leaves have mercury, which might stain your teeth when bitten. You ought to just swallow them down to keep away from the discoloration of your teeth.


Anything we use or consume has its limits, effects, and side effects. This article was meant to tell you all the expected Tulsi mala side effects. You have to think for yourself if, for example, Tulsi mala will give you benefits or harm.?! If your answer is more benefits, then don’t stop yourself to buy and use one.!

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