Do you wear tulsi mala - know its amazing benefits

Do you wear tulsi mala - know its amazing benefits
Original Tulsi Mala Store
Original Tulsi Mala Store

There is also electric power

Though wearing a garland of Tulsi has religious beliefs but it also has electric power. Wearing a basil garland around the neck makes the body clean, increases vitality and many diseases are cured. Wearing Tulsi Mala provides benefits in a person's digestion power, fever, cold, headache, skin infection, brain diseases, and many gas-related diseases. Also, infection-related disease is also avoided.

Blood pressure remains in control

Tulsi is an amazing medicine, which improves blood pressure and digestion. Wearing Tulsi increases the flow of electric power in the body. Wearing a basil garland around the neck causes electric waves which do not stop blood circulation. Apart from this, basil is very beneficial in malaria and other types of fevers.

Mental health is better

Wearing a garland of Tulsi gives mental peace. Wearing it around the neck puts pressure on the necessary acupressure points, which results in mental stress. Protects against infectious diseases. Tulsi helps to increase memory. Tulsi also has religious and Ayurvedic importance. It is also beneficial in increasing antibiotics, pain relievers, and immunity.

Beneficial in jaundice

Wearing a garland of Tulsi in jaundice is considered good for health. It is believed that Tulsi garland has so much power that it ends the disease of jaundice quickly from the body. It is said that the jaundice disease is reduced quickly and the person starts to be healthy if it is worn with a white thread of cotton.

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