Benefits of Tulsi Japa Mala Meditation

Benefits of Tulsi Japa Mala Meditation
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Benefits of Tulsi Japa Mala Meditation

While there are numerous traditions and styles of meditation one can practice, we’ve found that using a mantra with mala beads is the easiest and most powerful way to meditate. In addition to all of the benefits of meditation, Japa meditation adds the benefits of the energy and properties of a mantra and the healing and transformative powers of the tulsi mala beads! After much research and years of practicing mantra meditation, we’ve narrowed down the benefits of Japa to six main areas.

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1. Tulsi Japa Mala meditation reduces stress and calms the mind

The combination of deep breathing, sacred sound, and the slow steady rhythm of a Japa meditation practice has inherent and synergistic calming properties. This practice creates entrainment of the mind to induce specific brainwave states. Japa meditation is the easiest and most effective way to activate the slower brainwave states of Alpha (focus and learning), Theta (creativity and intuition), and Delta (healing and calming).

2. Reduce your heart attack through Tulsi Japa Mala meditation

Advanced yogis have been known to slow their heartbeats down to unbelievable rates and studies on meditation have shown it to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, and the risk of heart attack, disease, and stroke. In short, meditation has a powerful and profound effect on your physical heart.

3. Tusli Japa Meditation improves concentration and focus

The technique of meditation is simple, but the practice is difficult due to the amount of focus and concentration required. Just like how exercising a muscle makes it stronger, meditation likewise strengthens your mind. Tulsi Japa Mala is the best meditation for the mind as it utilizes multiple points of focus: the breath, the mantra, and the touch and movement of the mala beads.

4. Tusli Japa Mala Meditation reduces negative thoughts and improves mood

Research shows that the vast majority of our thoughts are negative. Worst, the repetition of negative thought patterns in our minds strengthens them and increases feelings of sadness, anger, grief, and loneliness. Mantra meditation’s repetition of positive and sacred Sanskrit syllables replaces negative thinking and creates new positive patterns in our minds.

5. Mantra meditation cultivates positive emotions

Research studies have shown that meditators have higher levels of kindness, compassion, and empathy than non-meditators. Amazingly, the areas of the brain associated with these positive emotions have been shown to increase in gray matter density with as little as 8-weeks of meditation practice.

6. Mantras increase shakti, grit, and resilience

With continued practice, Japa meditation cultivates a deep inner strength and inner power that may surprise you. Mantras contain and activate shakti energy, but it is only through the repetition of these potent mantras that this energy can build up over time to be perceived. Committing to a 40-day practice of Japa meditation will further increase your inner strength, life-force energy, and resilience.

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