How to Use Tulsi Mala for Japa

How to Use Tulsi Mala for Japa

How to Use Tulsi Mala for Japa

Tulsi or Basil are considered one of holiest and plants in Hinduism. People often plant Tulsi at home because planting Tulsi plant at home makes a peaceful and energetic environment and it also have some other benefits too.

Tulsi products are very demandable in both online and offline market and one such product is Original Tulsi Mala or Tulsi Garland. There are lots of varieties of Tulsi Mala available in market but Tulsi Japa Mala are favorable by all Devotees of Shri Krishna and Lord Vishnu. You can also search Tulsi Japa Mala by the name of Original Tulsi Japa Mala, Pure Tulsi Japa Mala & ISKCON Tulsi Japa Mala, etc.

Tulsi Japa Mala is a type of Garland containing 108 beads. Generally it is used to do chanting or japa (meditation) by devotees for mental peace. It can also worn as a Garland (Necklace) and in wrist like a bracelet.

It has 108 beads, knotted by thread after each and every bead. The 108 beads refer to name of Gods or 108 times chanting or japa mantras. At last there is a big bead it is known as Guru Bead or Krishna Bead.

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