Health Benefits of Wearing a Tulsi Mala

Health Benefits of Wearing a Tulsi Mala
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Original Tulsi Mala Store

know Health Benefits of Wearing a Tulsi Mala

Spiritual and Ayurvedic items have been considered of special importance since ancient times. At the same time, there are many such Malas in Hinduism which are considered very important. Wearing these Tulsi Malas is also beneficial for many other things including diseases. One of those Tulsi Kanthi Malas is the Mala of Tulsi, Tulsi is considered very sacred and virtuous in Sanatan Dharma.

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Worship of Tulsi in homes, the law of archana is also considered. Apart from this, Tulsi is also used to cure diseases. The elders wear a Mala of Tulsi around their neck and chant the Tulsi Mala 108 beads only. Like Tulsi, its Mala is also very beneficial. 

  1. The person who wears Tulsi Mala, that person falls ill very rarely. A person wearing a Tulsi Mala is blessed with fame, fame and prosperity.
  2. Tulsi has medicinal properties, due to which the person wearing it does not have headache, cold, fever and skin diseases. If someone has these diseases, then wearing it gives great benefit to the patient.
  3. According to the scriptures, it is believed that a person wearing a Tulsi Mala does not suffer premature death or any harmful disease.
  4. According to the Puranas, it is also believed that if there is a Mala of Tulsi on the body while taking food, then that person gets the virtue of performing yajna many times.
  5. Tulsi Mala should be worn after purifying it with Ganges water on auspicious days, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Tulsi has special significance in Hinduism.
Tulsi plant is worshiped. Tulsi plant is considered auspicious for any auspicious task. Tulsi has religious significance as well as Ayurvedic importance. All the things of the basil plant are very beneficial for the body. Tulsi is very helpful to get rid of the problem of cold, cold, flu, etc. Many people also wear tulsi garlands. In such a situation, our body gets many benefits of wearing this garland. Let us know about its importance-

Wearing a garland of Tulsi keeps the mind and body connected.

This creates pressure on some important acupressure points of our body, which helps in relieving mental stress. Wearing it improves the flow of electric power in the body. Wearing Tulsi Mala helps to improve blood circulation in our body due to the release of electric waves.

The religious importance of wearing a garland of Tulsi

Wearing a garland of Tulsi around the neck brings purity to both mind and soul.

A man's spiritual progress takes place by which he feels himself closer to God, wearing Tulsi garland brings honor and good fortune. Positivity develops in the mind. Wearing a garland of Tulsi gives mental peace.

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