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Siddha Mala With Silver Caps Nepal Imported

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Siddha Mala With Silver Caps Nepal Imported

  • This Siddha Mala is a very precious and unique mala.
  • It consists of energetically very high vibrating XL Rudrakhas from 1 to 16 eyes (Mukhi) and the healing Gauri-Shankar-Rudraksha, which opens the Hrit Padma Chakra, the heart chakra for universal love.
  • All Rudraksha are beautifully decorated with finely crafted silver cabs.
  • The Rudraksha of this mala is so successively combined very very very powerful and the powers of each Rudraksha combine with each other.
  • It balances all chakras, strengthens enormously the self-healing powers, and transmits the positive energies of all 9 planets from the Vedic Astrology.
  • All Rudrakshas for this siddhi mala are specially selected for the powerful support of the powerful, intuitive siddhi forces.
  • According to the Puranas, the ancient sacred story of India, a siddhi mala is one of the most powerful mala.
  • Whoever wears this Siddha-mala supports it with enormous Shiva-energy in all desires and leads to liberation from unwanted rebirth.
  • We can offer this uniquely powerful and very beautiful Mala at a reasonable price.
  • Guarantee – www.tulsimala.in 100% Genuine Products.


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